1. I know what you mean about the small but necessary things, my three sweet savages fill my life with these little things!
    I am also enlightened and heartened but cannot express the specific thoughts that I have taken with me from this book. But it has changed my views and expanded my thoughts!

  2. Well, I will be finishing it this weekend, I think, and I still won’t have any adequate words bc , frankly, much was hard to follow…I SHOULD have taken notes. But I didn’t. I agree…something to consider over time…a long time!

  3. This looked good and I wanted to read it, but I couldn’t get hold of a copy without purchasing it and I’m really trying to restrain myself in that area.

    I’ve read Romans 7 all my life, but only in the last 3 months or so am I “getting it” — the part where Paul is talking about doing what he doesn’t want to do. It’s chapter 3, vs. 14 through to the end. What I notice is that he identifies himself by his desire to obey God, by his love for God’s law — even though he fails. I think we need to do that too. Ephesians 1 lays out a pretty thrilling picture of who we are in Christ, and it’s not cancelled out by our momentary failures.

  4. Well, you made it further than I did. (Finally getting around to reading everyone’s thought on this one.) The main thing I’m gathering is that this is a book to be ready slowly and in chunks. Being as we’re all mothers, this makes sense. I found this book to be hugely challenging and I think I won’t stress myself out over it but will take it in bite-sized chunks over time.

    I’m too easily overwhelmed these days.

    (And yes, I also take books along with me on vacations and then associate the read with were I’ve been.)

  5. I passed this one up because I read the first few pages on Amazon and just knew this was not a time in my life I could process it very well. But you’ve given some valuable advice for if and when I do delve into it. The chapter about college students is apropos just now because for the first time we’re talking about letting one of our children go to a public college rather than a Christian one, and that scares me to death.

  6. Amy

    Barbara, I went to a public university every time i’ve been to college, and yes, it is challenging to live out one’s faith there, but certainly not impossible! (For with God, all things are possible!). I would recommend the book for the chapter I mentioned alone.

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