1. I bought The Wilder Life a few months ago and have read some of it … I need to get back and finish it. And, I’m excited about the RtK book for February. It looks really good. I’ll be super impressed if you finish the January book. : ) I’m making an effort, but it’s sloooooow going!

  2. I have about 100 more pages in Beyond Opinion…oh my it’s tough stuff! I have not been so challenged (philosophy and religion) in a book in a LONG time…maybe ever.

    I’m adding Choosing Gratitude to my list!

  3. So many books; so little time. I sing that song too. 🙂

    Just got the Kindle sample sent to me for “Choosing Gratitude.” Sounds like something I could use. Thanks!

  4. The first two, seem like ones I may just have to purchase. “Choosing Gratitude…” fits right in with the joy dare. These seem like some really good books.

  5. I’m currently reading “Beyond Opinion” as well. I don’t think I’m going to have it finished before the month is out; it is definitely an exellent read.

  6. I don’t think I’ve heard about that LMM book. I’m about to finish the Anne series, so I’m looking forward to exploring others of LMM’s books next year.

    I have The Wilder Life on my nightstand, too, but can’t decide between that and two other non-fiction LIW books — and I’d like to read one or two of the Little House series for the LIW challenge as well. I understand “so many books, so little time” — I say that a lot, too!

  7. I love this nightstand meme! I just joined in this month. 🙂

    I think you’ll enjoy Darth Paper and The Wilder Life. I look forward to reading your thoughts on A Tangled Web. Have you read Montgomery’s The Blue Castle? I did for the first time last year, and it ended up on my Best of 2011 list. I’m looking forward to Breadcrumbs, too. (Shh, it’s a secret, but it’s our February pick for Teen Book Club.)

  8. Oh that Darth Paper looks great – might have to order that one for my son. Lately, everything on my nightstand is gathering dust because I am so tired when I get into bed I don’t read. I need to change that, don’t I?

  9. I agree with you about so little books and so little time! You have a good list here. I also want to read Lit! and The Wilder Life. Hopefully both are great reads!

    Happy reading!

  10. I’ll have to check out the Darth Paper book out. Star Wars is huge with one of my sons.

    It is my goal to get a copy of Choosing Gratitude and Lit! before I get to far into the year.

    You asked about audio books. I work 2 days a week and I have a 1/2 commute one way. Some days I have to take our van which only has a tape deck, so I will use my ipod and plug in one earphone (I know, probably not safe, but…) and listen. If I can take our car I can listen to the a cd. Of course, if my kids come with me then I don’t listen to anything, because I can’t concentrate! I also can’t listen to audio books in my house, because I always walk out of the room and forget, or if I use my ipod I have to stop and answer a million questions.

  11. HA! Ok, so we picked the same exact books for the LIW challenge. (Except I thought perhaps Let the Hurricane Roar would be cheating somewhat. Hence I read/reviewed it earlier.) But I have The Wilder Life set aside for February also! ;D (Great minds . . . )

    And *gulp* I must confess that I tore the house upside down yesterday looking for my copy of Beyond Opinion. I’m not doing so hot there.

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