1. Isn’t this a fun day? I requested a few from my library, including Balloons Over Broadway and Where Things Come Back. I also happen to have Big Girl Small checked out right now. I thought Inside Out & Back Again was a beautiful book — I highly recommended it!

  2. Amy


    I think you’ll love Balloons over Broadway–we surely did! I will look into Inside Out & Back Again. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. You MUST read Susan Cooper. Bump her all the way up to #1. Just plan on reading the whole series and start with Over Sea, Under Stone.

    I might be a wee bit biased. It’s my all-time favorite childhood series. We went on our honeymoon to Cornwall because of that series.

    Did I say I’m a fan?

  4. Breaking Stalin’s Nose was really pretty good. I had actually started reading it Sunday night and then finished yesterday afternoon.
    I think it is interesting that both the honor books have to do with communism.
    I just counted and it looks like I have read 10 of the books. There are plenty from the list of winners that I still want to get my hands on and read. All of the YALSA titles have been on my list to read for awhile but I never did get any of them read. I think the YALSA is one of my favorite categories.
    My library, unfortunately, seems to be putting most of their funds towards DVDs, Blu-Rays, and e-books. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find actual books! Especially non-fiction. My library does not own many of the books that won awards. I actually submitted purchase requests for two of them earlier this year but no luck! Maybe now they will get them.

  5. I have read Susan Cooper’s Dark Is Rising series (a long time ago), but none of the current day winners. I do have Breaking Stalin’s Nose in my library basket, and several of the others pique my interest. But my reading this year hasn’t been new books for the most part.

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