1. I’m so glad you mentioned this book because it reminded me of the My America series. Looking up the colonial time period books for my own resident second grader right now!

    (I realized, after getting home last night, that we didn’t really talk about books at all! How did that happen?!) : )

  2. Hmm. Older D has read a few of these; I’m glad to get your review of this one. She’s sensitive to the whole supernatural/occult thing when it makes an appearance.

    I’ve been catching up on all your posts — good things happening in the house of hope!

  3. Haven’t read any of the Dear America series. (I’m hoping that someone with kids ahead of mine gives them a good once-over. Ahem.) I think this particular story would be one I would avoid given the supernatural elements (which would likely bother my youngsters – as it bothers me) but I’m not ready to cross out the series. I hear many good things about the series. I’m just not sure I trust all of the sources that I’ve heard great things from. So….if you start reading them with your girls I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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