1. I thought this book was a cute book, but it didn’t hold its charm for me like Peck’s other books. I don’t know if I think he does better with human characters or just maybe I’m not a mouse person.

  2. As we have mice “issues” every winter, I have pondered why we adore fictional, anthropomorphic mice while seeking to eradicate the household variety. Eventually, I decided I just had to live with the inconsistency, since I don’t seem to have enough brain power to solve this conundrum! At any rate, my enthusiasm for mouse stories has certainly been dampened by the practical considerations of keeping them out of our house and car (yes, we even caught a mouse in my car, but thankfully not while I was driving)!

    With that said, this looks like a cute book, but I’m glad you gave some details and age recommendations because it sounds like I’d like my daughter to be older before she read this, too.

  3. Mae

    I loves this book…it is so cute!I hope Richard Peck makes another Secrets at Sea book,except called Secrets at England and about Helena and her sisters and brother’s life there!!!

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