1. Is a period novel written during its own time period instead of needing research and such to make it seem like it was?

    I loved your list and agree with some of your favorites…and will add others to my TBR/listened to list!

  2. Ok, I’m going to try to ignore the fact that someone/ANYone is rivaling your affection for Anne and Emily. This just cannot be so in my reality, Maud Hart Lovelace not withstanding.Yowee!

    I had When You Reach Me on my pile AGAIN and took it off AGAIN before I reached the cashier. I read reviews and I think I will LOVE it and then I look at the back of the book and I’m persuaded I might not. Will I?! Won’t I?! Can you say!?

    • Amy

      Carrie, you HAVE to read MHL’s Emily! It’s nowhere as flowery or swoony, but I think you’d love it! As for When You Reach Me, I can’t say. It’s probably one of the strangest kids’ books I’ve read, plot-wise, but I LOVED it.

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