1. =D YES!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t STAND to leave duplicate titles that I love sitting alone and unloved on used bookstores (or at Goodwill.) I have a PILE (literally…. =X ) sitting here by my desk waiting for new homes. I’m glad you do that also. 😉

    Just went to Powells this past weekend and so yes, I have a little haul to share soon.

  2. We recently acquired Lives of the Artists, like your Lives of the Musicians. They’re great books. We’ve enjoyed reading ours, and the illustrations are marvelous. It’s one the girls keep going back to.
    And of course we love One Morning in Maine. It’s a staple read around here.
    We have a couple of the Who Was… series. I’d like the whole series.
    Great finds!

  3. You’re going to love the Lives of The Musicians book, Amy…. we always read it when I taught school — I think the biography in there of Woody Guthrie is particularly funny.

    OH — books are my weakness… we have a HUGE used book sale through our homeschool group in March and I’m just waiting for that. At our last library sale I picked up a few finds, but nothing as good as yours!

  4. It warms my heart to see the Egermeier, clad in the very same dustjacket as ours.

    Ours is from my childhood, and has an inscription in it to me, my brother and sister, from my parents. They must have had aspirations about reading the Bible together, but we never did. Kind of bittersweet. My girls and I did, though. So better late than never.

  5. I was just telling a friend that, Yes, it was fine that her daughter wanted to borrow a copy of Little House on the Prairie and yes, I wasn’t at all offended by her son’s follow up request for The Fellowship of the Ring. I have at least two copies of both series (also Chronicles of Narnia and L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne” books.)

    Even if I already know I have copies of a book, I’m still tempted to purchase it–which means that my mother now also has two or three copies of the Little House books. When I realize that (surprise, surprise) my bookshelves are already full, I offload a collection of duplicates on my mom so she can figure out what to do with them (for now, she’s hanging on to them–I think until she has grandchildren to offload them onto!)

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