1. Someone else reviewed this and didn’t care for it so much, as I recall. The cover art still grabs me though and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this one! I remember the other person thinking the story was complicated or confusing or something, which you also pointed out. I have the feeling this book could lose some people as a result but you certain make it sound appealing! Hmm.

  2. Julie Zilkie

    I have been reading your blog weekly now for a year of so…I follow your link every Saturday from Semi Colon Blog’s linky party. Anyway, was wondering what other books by this author you love? I have never heard of her. I have five children, ages 2 to 9, and we LOVE to read!

  3. Amy


    Thanks for reading and commenting. My reviews of the other two books by McCaughrean that I’ve read are linked above. I definitely think she’s an author whose works you might want to read first to determine whether or not they’re appropriate for your child(ren) in terms of difficulty and possibly even subject matter. Her approach to religion might give some straightforward, conservative readers pause.

  4. Wow, this *does* sound like a good book. I have a feeling my 15yos and 16yod might even enjoy reading this one–thanks for linking to it for me! 🙂

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