1. Thanks for the Thanksgiving recommendations! It’s always a relief to get past Halloween into the really FUN holidays, isn’t it?

    I reviewed Hugo Cabret. Definitely a tour de force in a unique kind of book!

  2. So happy to find this sweet review of Feast for 10! Thank you. It’s rewarding to hear that folks are still enjoying it 18 years after it was first published.
    Happy Reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Nearly all of the Thanksgiving books were checked out at my library back on Sunday when I went… but I found one real treasure. Originally from 1938, a collection of Thanksgiving stories. We are really enjoying it. I posted about it in my link!

  4. We like so many of these too. I love Feast for 10 and have it downstairs in our Thanksgiving stack. I’ve also got One is a Feast for a Mouse down there.

    One of my favorite fun Thanksgiving books is Thanksgiving with the Tappletons. A family almost as silly as the Peterkins.

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