1. Hi Amy ~ thanks again for turning me on to another author unfamiliar to me. I think this one will go on our reading list!

    I’m also noticing you have read “Unbroken” — I just bought that book for a trip to NY my hubby and I are taking next week – can’t wait to start it!

  2. At what age do did you read the Betsy-Tacy books to your girls?

    HAHA! This may be the final year for individual cakes for my kids’ birthdays. (We don’t really do parties…) M turned 5 Tuesday. E turns 3 in a few more days. Baby is due today. Whew. I imagine they will also want their own parties…but at times that just isn’t doable.

  3. I love that she wants pink boots. ;D

    I was going to read Betsy-Tacy and then I discovered yesterday when I went to get it off the shelf that I don’t actually own it! So I’m apparently going to have to jump to book 2 and I haven’t decided how much that rankles me. It’s a re-read – but still! I like to read in order. =)

  4. I read the first book a couple years ago, but haven’t read any of the others. I’ll have to add them to my library list.

    No link-up for me this week as we’re in the middle of potty training. But I wanted to share that we’re doing our first chapter book read aloud– yay! I chose Winnie-the-Pooh and so far it’s going well! We’re doing a chapter a night. I still love reading picture books for him but I’m loving snuggling up with longer books. 🙂

  5. We visited Betsy and Tacey a while back when I heard how wonderful they were. I don’t think my just budding reader girl was quite ready for them. She is two years into reading now and doing many more chapter books. Her birthday is also coming up. I think we will give this title a try!

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