1. Your photos made me think that one of these autumns I keep meaning to take photos of a tree in our yard and do a series over time to “see” the leaves change. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Janet

    Lovely! I get a sense of your pleasure together in all of this. I love lulu’s colorful leaf!
    We’ve enjoyed some of these titles too. Redwoods, Ancient Ones, Have You SeenTrees, and A Log’s Life have been favorites around here. Good idea to include a reading list!

  3. I loved reading your entry for this challenge and the fact that you did a tree in your yard that you can watch turn color over the next few weeks is going to be a treat. I love working on our journals outside and it was fun to see all your journal pages. I love the detail in Louise’s sketch…gorgeous record of a perfect fall leaf.

    Great job done by all and I am so thankful that you submitted your entry to the OHC carnival.

  4. We noticed how the trees change colors too – starting on the outside & top mainly and moving down & inward. I really didn’t pay much attention before we started using Handbook too. Love how you tied in the picture books – my children are older now, but we still like looking at picture books because of the illustrations and many times, they impart such good info in a simpler way. I’ll have to look for Crinkleroot’s book.

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