1. We ordered Chee-lin and 14 Cows for America after you recommended them a few weeks ago. What lovely books! Thank you so much!

    We’re currently also reading Salt in His Blood by Rang (about pirates and the English-Dutch sea battles, from the Dutch side) as well as Little Women.

    Annie Kate

  2. Dorie

    I did not know Demi had a similar in story, picture book to A Grain of Rice. We first read the chapter book several years back, and still return to it every now and again. Great way to teach a mathematical principle.

  3. We read another book by Demi a few weeks ago — can’t remember the name right now, but it was something along the lines of a magic tapestry (or something like that?). It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Some great sounding books!
    The only other book I can think of without researching is Shiva’s Fire by Suzanne Fisher Staples. It’s a Middle Grade novel for ages 10 and up about a young Hindi girl who has a gift for dance who is seen by an Indian classical dance guru who invites her to study with him. I’m not sure when it takes place. (I haven’t read it yet; it’s in my TBR stack.)

  5. I have read the King’s Chessboard, but it is the only one I have heard of. My girls are still young for these books I would think. They sound really interesting though.

  6. Ooh, these are all ones I love too! Especially Gloria Whelan. There’s also the picture book Monsoon about contemporary India. I liked how it showed a culture of both old and new, familiar to us but also clearly different. And the rhythm of the book builds to the relief of the rain finally starting.

  7. Well, you saw my post already but there you have it! Linked!

    I like it when you review a bunch of books in theme – esp. the geography based ones – as it’s kind of hard to find books that will compliment lessons. When we get to the point in time when we are learning about other countries, I intend to scour your archives. =)

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