1. We’re listening to this one right now in the car. We’ll have to check out the movie when we are done, although my 7 yr old will probably be disgusted and not thrilled at the romance.

    I haven’t ever put aside a long read-aloud but I usually pick the ones that I think will be more difficult for reading aloud for audiobooks. 🙂 I have stopped a couple because I decided they were too scary or dealt with topics that were too advanced for my boys. That’s rare also, but it’s happened a couple of times.

  2. I’ve set aside one read aloud that I can think of right off – Swiss Family Robinson. While I adore the book and want to share it with my children, attempting it with six children who were them ages 9 and under just didn’t work. And I’m not willing to read one of the ‘dumbed down’ children’s versions that take out all references to God and all the interesting parts. We’ll try again with that one in a few years I think, when more of my little boys are middle size. I know it’s one that they’ll love around age 8 or so.

  3. Dorie

    So I must confess to having no idea there were full length novel style books about Hans Brinker! We’ve only read a picture book version.

  4. I’ve read Hans Brinker.. And loved it. Had set it aside for ‘someday’ to read aloud.. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 and the links! I didn’t know there was a movie. My daughter read a good abridgment when she was about 8. That was one of one abridged books I have ever assigned! It was recommended by a trusted living book reader, though. I am goin to see which version we own.. Hopefully it is the illustrated one you reviewed!
    For the other commenter.. I’ve read Swiss Family Robinson.. Loved it! But knew it would definitely be an audio book for the children or for them to read independently when older! So many animals and plants.. If we read it together, we would get sidetracked so many times over!
    Thanks for the great review! Hope we can join in Read Aloud Thursday soon 🙂

  5. Sounds like you felt about this one as I did with Peter Pan when we read it a year or two ago. : ) We persevered and I’m glad we did but, whew! (And we recently listened to it on audio in the car and all adored it, so I’m now really glad that we had read it aloud beforehand).

  6. We gave up on Guliver’s Travels – long winded, out of date, satire does not go over well with teens, and pre-teens. Even so, we trudged through the first third of the book, until even I was growing restless, before giving up. We generally pass on any book, that we all find boring. After all, novels are first and foremost, a form of entertainment. If they don’t entertain, we don’t read them. But, sometimes, with a classic, we’ll read on through, just out of respect for its standing as a classic.

  7. Wow, I haven’t attempted anything that difficult with my young sons yet. I think I’ve purposely picked books that were easy reads or ones that I was already familiar with. I’m sure as they get older, we’ll venture out into some classics that I know will take more effort from me, but right now I’m happy to stick with Hank The Cowdog and such. =)

  8. I set aside “The Birchbark House” a book about a native American girl from the Ojibwe tribe. My daughter and I found this book very boring and I thought it was very poorly written, so we did set this one aside. It is hard for me to abandon a book but it is more important that my daughter is engaged in what we are reading, so I take my cues from her.

  9. Love this link-up!

    I’ve set aside Robin Hood, unabridged. Even after we were more than halfway through. The old locution was difficult for me to read aloud and we had to stop so often for explanations. In my homeschooling heart I know this is good comprehension practice but it wore on me. I borrowed an updated version from the library but it lost its flavor while reading it, as the kids liked the original better.

    I’ll pick it up again!

  10. My oldest listened to this a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the story. When my younger two kids cycle around to that book again I’ll have to remember to get in audio form.

  11. Last year I tried to read ‘The Enchanted Castle’ by E. Nesbit to my daughter, but she lost interest quickly. I think she was just too young. We barely made it through the first chapter.

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