1. You tried it! See, and I rather disliked Ella Enchanted and liked this one so much better because of her relationship with her parents (father, in particular.) Hated Ella for that reason. As I’m not an audio learner I have no ability to compare that.

    Required reading for a re-telling of a fairy tale? Hmm. I hadn’t ever thought of them as required reads but more of a “fun reading romp in the forest” type of thing. You might try Entwined next, by Dixon. A friend of mine listened to the audio version and said she liked it that way. Another friend read it and liked it that way. (I liked the hard copy in my hands but, again, my preference!)

  2. I might be a fairy tale adaptation addict–I snap up every one I can find (although I don’t particularly go out searching for them, so maybe addict isn’t the proper term–Phew!)

    I enjoyed Robin McKinley’s Beauty, as well as Rose Daughter (her second retelling of Beauty and the Beast). It’s interesting to compare one author’s treatment of the same subject matter in two different ways.

    My other big favorite is Jessica Day George, who wrote Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow (another Beauty and the Beast type story, but this one from a Norse version of the story) and Princess of the Midnight Ball (a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses.)

    For a darker look at Beauty and the Beast, there’s Beastly by Alex Flynn. (I liked the book, although it was definitely darker and more mature than most fairy tales–but I’m avoiding the recently released movie like the plague. I really don’t see how that movie can’t go terribly wrong.)

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