1. Prudence Wants a Pet reminds me of The Best Pet Ever! which was equally awesome. It’s a favorite around here so I’m sure Prudence would be also. We have boys who would like a pet. We tried a dog – which helped my oldest conquer his fear of them – but it ultimately didn’t work out. Next up – a fish! We’ll see if that’ll work any better. (I also do not want anything else I have to think of feeding at the moment.) 😉

    King Hugo’s Huge Ego sounds funny and fantastic.

  2. My kids will love the Prudence book…requesting it now from the library…as they keep asking and asking for a dog (we rent so no go there). Our oldest son has a hamster (who he takes full responsibility for) and the other little kids are always “playing hamster” by picking various stuffed animals that they pretend is a hamster and making cages and pretend food, etc.

  3. These books look great. We love Chris Van Dusen at our house and have had the pleasure of meeting him at our library. His artwork is amazing! We haven’t read King Hugo so we’ll be looking for this at the library. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. So many great new books. I haven’t read any of the ones you mentioned yet. I reviewed a newish 2011 picture book this week, too. Press Here. Have you read it?

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