1. You beat me to Me … Jane! We checked that out recently and loved it – the illustrations are gorgeous. I think you are right about it possibly winning some awards (I hope it does anyway!)

  2. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to post today because of an appointment this morning, but as it happens I have one — on an Irene Kelly book! I agree with you about the wave-like text, actually — I forgot to mention that. But otherwise like you I love her books.

    Me Jane looks really cute, too!

    Somehow the study of animals never seems to get told.

  3. =D Well, I’m sure you can guess which one holds the most interest in this household!

    I’m totally laughing about your aversion to the font used in the book. Most of the time I don’t notice font but certain kinds can send Jonathan into a tizzy. Kinda funny.

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