1. Thank you so much for sharing your first day and you very wise insights with us. I really need to hear this because I tend to be such a by-the-books homeschool mom. I love the visual of the “mess,” and making cookies is a perfect example of how the stuff “that doesn’t count actually counts more than the stuff that does.” I think I may try this next week myself!

  2. What a totally awesome post!

    AND your cookies look delicious. (Despite the talk of messes, your KitchenAid is much cleaner and less bespattered than mine. I am inspired… )

    Blessings on the messings!

  3. Amy, this is just a great post for me to be reading today. Yesterday was a HARD day at our house — culminating in disciplining my oldest for something and she did not get the promised reward at the end of the day (but my youngest did, so she was MAD!). I love what you say about the year being hard but it will be GOOD. I’m with you there.

    Thanks for reminding me it’s good to slow down and enjoy ourselves!

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