1. Mary

    Looks like your two are in for a great year! I have heard such rave reviews for All About Spelling. We are using Spelling Workout and the kids seem to like it. So, where’s your list of predicted read-alouds for the whole year? 😉 See you for RAT!

  2. I know what you mean about knowing you need to let something go, yet finding it hard to actually release it! I like your idea of taking the long view.

    That’s a neat idea to do history half the year, science the other half. Also, how great that your husband will be teaming up in the Bible department.

    Looks like a great plan all the way around!

  3. I read the same post on Wildflowers & Marbles…such great wisdom and just when I needed to hear it! We are eagerly awaiting our All About Spelling — I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews.

    Grace to your school plans and year!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post and have a few comments. First – hooray for dropping formal grammar for a few years! We work the same way and my oldest (5th grade this year) is coming along well without it. One fun series of books to look at if you want something is the World of Language series by Ruth Heller. Each is about a different part of speech with lots of beautiful artwork and fun examples, read as a story.

    We’re in the Middle Ages to the Reformation this year too! Have you looked at the book suggestions for it over at Simply Charlotte Mason? They’re great! We’re actually using their History handbook for the time period to coordinate our read alouds for my different age groups. It keeps us all together in topic while giving us family read alouds and read alouds or books to read for age groups.

    Last, have a great year!

  5. Hi! I came over by way of the blog hop. I’m going to bookmark your site & come back and peruse your archives. We’re starting our oldest son in K this year, so it was great to see what you’re doing for your K year. I lean heavily towards CM (not quite a purist, but close in most areas – I’m still working through her writings which has taken me a couple years!) – so this was refreshing to see! YAY for no formal grammar! (and having been a public school teacher, delaying formal academics feels unnatural for me, too) Good luck! -Tiffany

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