1. I’m in with a post on the Burgess Bird Book today:

    I love DT too, and tend to tear up often when reading aloud. (Most recently, it was in a passage in The Horse and His Boy — where Aslan explains that there was only ONE lion in Shasta’s adventures.)

    We watched the movie version of DT last week — even my 7-year-old. I agree on the understatement of the undragoning — one of so many things the movie did differently than the book. But the ending, they got right. All of us were in tears as Reepicheep sailed away, and the door back to England opened up.

  2. Wow, sounds like a fabulous ride! I can’t wait to start reading Narnia to my twins.

    I see that Louise was 3 and 1/2 when you read the first book.

    My twins just turned 4, two days ago, I guess that we are ready to start? What do you think, will they be able follow the story?

    Thanks so much!

    Read Aloud Dad

  3. Amy

    Read Aloud Dad–I suppose it probably does depend on the children, but my oldest daughter, who was just-turned-five at the time, followed The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with no problem. Louise, who was 3 1/2, followed it somewhat, but I think the details were lost on her. Are your twins accustomed to listening to books with no or very few pictures? Are they accustomed to chapter books? If so, I’d say give it a try and see what happens!

  4. This post makes me supremely happy! =) (Feign shock and surprise!!!) =D HA! Voyage, I think, is my most favorite now. SO much symbolism. I can’t WAIT to share this one with my own kids. (And yes, the undragoning of Eustace is SEVERELY understated in the movie!!! Huge disappointment!)

    We read Prince Caspian this year. (So hopefully we WILL get to Voyage next year.)


    I think our tears over these stories will effect and influence our kids for years to come. It’s so awesome. =)

  5. I wish I had read these to my children when they were younger, but they weren’t even on my own radar until about twelve years ago — somehow I grew up unaware of them (so I hope this post and Carrie’s challenge is successful in spreading the word!) I think both older boys have read them on their own and I am hoping to get the youngest into them this year.

    I agree about the first line — just perfect. And removing Eustace’s dragon skin was one of the best parts, and so rich — so disappointing that the movie underplayed that.

    LWW is still my favorite, but I liked DT a lot, too.

  6. Amy,

    Thank you for sharing your adventures. I started reading the Narnia series w/my children about three years ago. I got that huge table topper book which contained all of the books in the series. I usually prefer the individual books, but it seemed neat to have that one. We made it through to chapter three and had to stop because my daughter starting having nightmares. I was disappointed, but I stopped reading. We’re way past that so, I may start this series up again soon. Thank you for sharing the challenge information because I can use that as a reference when we start.

  7. There’s so much to love about Dawn Treader, but one of my favorite scenes was when Eustace was in the dragon’s cave sitting on a pile of treasure, but didn’t know what it was because “he’d read all the wrong sorts of books”. Brilliant!

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