1. I love your wrap up posts. I’m hoping to do something along those lines this fall, but I still have a few weeks before we start. About Bible study … I was actually sent one of these to review, but haven’t gotten to it yet – http://www.quiettimesforkids.com/. (I was sent the Armor of God study). From my cursory view, it looks like it would work really well for N1 with the rate that she’s reading (so probably for Lulu as well?) and my hope is that I can walk through a week or two with her and then turn her loose with me following up. I have a coupon code I can email you if you think it’s something you want to check out. : )

  2. A grew weeklyl wrap up.
    We do the same Italic book too. I really like them. I find them a steady easy lesson.

    Cute cows! I forgot all about cow appreciation day! But, I won’t forget next time. Love the paper bags!

    Great Job in finishing up some of your read alouds too. 🙂 We are still working our way through a few.

  3. Sounds like you’re off to a good start! I haven’t even submitted my plans for next year to the school district yet.

    We’re doing stealth school around here — school without the girls knowing it’s school. 🙂 Lots of nature study, and soon some PE through swimming lessons. I just need to get some notebooks so they can be doing more recording of their learning. Meanwhile, I’m logging the hours and making sure I’m prepared to be increasing their knowledge when we’re out in the woods.

  4. Looks like a fun week! Almost makes me wish we were starting up again too. Almost. 🙂

    I highly recommend Susan Hunt’s devotion/Bible study books for kids. We’ve worked through Discovering Jesus in Genesis. http://www.amazon.com/Discovering-Jesus-Genesis-Susan-Hunt/dp/1581343949 It’s difficult enough that it was a challenge for my 6 yr old (and has a lot of Scripture memorization built in if you want to do it) but easy enough to understand that my 3 yr old got something out of it. They are from a strongly Reformed perspective though so might not work for everyone, depending on denomination and background.

  5. Hi Amy! I just wanted to respond to your question about Dean Koontz. Yes, most of his books are “scary horror stories.” Some of them are better than others…some are pure genius, and some (especially his earlier ones) get out of hand…just too disturbing.

    A couple of things I like about his better books: Dean Koontz is a devout Catholic, and writes from a Christian and pro-life worldview. Another: I have never read a Koontz book that doesn’t result in the villain getting his comeuppance in the end…in some sort of justice being done. Unlike Stephen King!

  6. Curious about your approach to teaching reading– have you enjoyed OPGTTR? I’ve been comparing that to the 100 Easy Lessons book. Do you have any insight? Jonathan is still further away from being ready for reading lessons, but I’m trying to investigate different approaches.

    • Amy

      OPGTTR is the only thing we’ve really used, besides a brief stint with Rocket Phonics (you can search for this on my blog). It has worked really well for Lulu, but again, I have nothing with which to compare it. It’s not fancy or really fun or colorful; it’s utilitarian, but I really just want her to read and enjoy it, which comes from the doing, not the learning.

  7. I’ve never heard of that Math program before, but I like that it seems very hands on. I am trying to figure out this summer what Math curriculum we are going to use in the Fall. The kids haven’t liked anything we’ve tried yet.

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