1. I’ve seen ‘The Storm’ and thought it was an appealing looking book, but we haven’t checked it out. After reading your thoughts I’d say it’s time!

    I enjoyed your chapter book recommendations. If you don’t mind a little sentimentality, the Thornton Burgess books are also great for younger listeners. For the most part I agree about audiobooks, but there are certain ways I find them a challenge — the way they can foster chronic-partial-attention and discomfort with silence, for instance. I try to regulate to some extent, but we do regularly listen to them — the airwaves around here are presently filled with ‘By the Shores of Silver Lake.’

    My post is on books about trees:

  2. Thank you! Thank you! We introduced chapter books with not-so-true chapter books like Frog and Toad.

    We love Cynthia Rylant…can’t get enough of her! We went through all the Little House books in the car on audio…and will go on to the Rose years when we have a bit more time.

    M is getting Betsy-Tacy for her fifth birthday in a couple months. 🙂 CANNOT WAIT!

    I actually didn’t link up today…summer is crazy!

    Thank you for some good recommendations.

  3. Amy

    Janet–You’re sounding all CM-ish, with that statement about partial attention! ;-). I’d love to have you elaborate a little more on that idea!

  4. We love Cynthia Rylant, and we have The Lighthouse Family series at our library. So many of your suggestions are great, and we’ve read them as well. I am happy to see “Tumtum & Nutmeg” on your list. We read the first book when it first came out, and really enjoyed it, and just the other night, when we visited another library, we found a second book “Tumtum & Nutmeg: The Rose Cottage Tales”…we were so excited!

    I have our post done about “The Rise and Fall Of Mount Majestic”:

  5. I’ll have to remember this post for when the time comes I can read chapter books with my little ones! I’m not rushing time, so I’m enjoying their little years, but I am looking forward to reading chapter books with them. 🙂

  6. Amy, what I was meaning was just that the girls (especially my youngest) automatically want to turn on a story “in the background” while they do… whatever. Actual reading forces you to concentrate on the page to maintain a line of thought. You can’t really multi-task.

    Am I being CMish? COOL!! 🙂

  7. Amy

    Janet–So do you allow your girls to do other things (handwork of any kind) while listening? I struggle with this. . .

  8. Thank you for the suggestions for shorter chapter books. My olders enjoy audio’s, but I’d still like to read to the whole group. Finding something that my olders will enjoy and that my youngers can sit through is challenging. I’m taking this list to the Library!

  9. Nice list!
    Here are two my kids liked when they were young.
    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
    I have a website and blog dedicated to reading with children. My name should have a link to my website.

  10. Love this post! You have encouraged me to really begin this with my girls! At least my oldest one, who turns 3 in November. My second turns 2 in November and loves books, so she just may sit through audio books and a read aloud. Found you over at Intentional Mom. 🙂

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