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      Bluerose, I’m so glad you’ve joined in this week! We’re off for a day of fun today and I won’t be around the computer, but I’ll work on that code ASAP. (It’s tough bring a perpetual novice!)

  1. I loved Caddie Woodlawn and Magic Melons growing up! I saved my copies, thank goodness, so that I can share them with my own kids. (I saved most of my books but there are a few I got rid of or gave away that now I wish I would have kept!)

    Great stories!

  2. This book looks lovely! I’m pretty sure my mom read me Caddie Woodlawn when I was little, but I haven’t picked up a copy since. I look forward to exploring these short stories soon, and reading them to me daughter when she’s a bit older. A great find!

    I’ve been a day off all week, and posted Read Aloud Thursday yesterday (thinking it was Thursday). I think I’m ready for summer vacation, considering I’m a little out of it. Sorry that the hasty comment about posting I sent yesterday!

    I’m reading Feast for 10 by Cathryn Falwell this week with my toddler. . And the link: http://thejoyofliteracy.blogspot.com/2011/06/read-aloud-thursday-time-for-feast.html

  3. I enjoy your “Read Aloud” post, because although my own kids are grown up now, I love to read to my grandchildren whenever I can (they live far away.) I’ve actually made mp3s of myself reading to them, which their dad has put on CDs.

    My own children have memories of me reading to them from early on. I also used to read aloud on long car trips. I think it’s invaluable!

    Hope you’ll stop by and visit my SRofB post!

    Cindy at Cindy’s Book Club

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