1. This week I highlighted two fun, read-alouds that are sure to engage young listeners. Both have a patterned, repetitive text.

    Where is Catkin? is an interactive search-n-find book. It is about a mischievous cat prowling around his backyard habitat.

    Trashy Town is about the important job of the garbage man. Its catchy, rhythmic text will have children “reading” along.

  2. I have read “Half Magic”, and a few other of the Edward Eager stories…I agree with your assessment of them entirely. I also was intrigued by his references to E. Nesbit. I have yet to read anything by her yet, though.
    I have never heard of “Magical Melons”! My oldest daughter read “Caddie Woodlawn” recently and truly loved it, so I need to look for this other book…thanks 🙂
    Here’s my link for this week: learning ALL the time!! Read-Aloud Thursday: New Picture Books With a Nature Theme

  3. Haven’t read “Malf Magic” yet and last year I tried reading Nesbit’s “The Enchanted Castle” to my daughter but she wasn’t interested. I liked “Any Which Wall.” It’s a good summer read, but haven’t read it to my daughter. I think I’ll let her read it herself when she’s older. It’s set in the MidWest and so we can identify with the setting since we have cornfields surrounding us all summer long.

    Here’s our picture book contribution today: Perfect Square by Michael Hall

  4. I loved the Edward Eager books as a child and read them all to my oldest this year. He loved them too. We’ve also read quite a few of the Nesbit books, which I liked but not as much as Eager. I will definitely have to try the Any Which Wall book, that looks great! I’d never heard of it so thanks for the link.

    I wrote about one of my favorite authors/books for toddlers, Leslie Patricelli. http://supratentorial.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/read-aloud-thursday-leslie-patricelli/

  5. Thanks for the great review! I have the Eager books at home and am looking forward to reading them for the first time with my twins.

    The twins will be four-year old in two months.

    What do you think, is the book suitable for their age? We have been reading chapter books aloud for the past several months.


    Read Aloud Dad

    • Amy

      Read Aloud Dad,
      My girls are just 7 and 5, but I really think Half Magic might be a stretch for most 4 year olds. Maybe if you’re really good at voices (I bet you are!), they might enjoy it–or if they listened to the audiobook. Anyone else want to chime in here? Would Half Magic be a good read aloud for 4 year olds?

  6. Magic by the Lake (sequel to Half Magic) is much funnier. I have read several E. Nesbit and have enjoyed some more than others. Nesbit’s The Book of Dragons has an amazing story called “The Fiery Dragon” which is one of the most beautiful pictures of sacrificial love that I’ve ever seen.

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