• Amy

      Be still my heart! 🙂 Two of my favorites. . . which one you should pick up depends entirely upon what you’re on the mood for. . .rollicking fantasy/fairytale or astonishing nonfiction?

    • Amy

      Cindy–Is this the same Andrew Peterson as the one who “runs” the Ranbit Room blog? I think Jennifer Trafton must be a regular over there. I’ll have to check out his stuff.

  1. Amy,

    Thank you sooooooo much for reviewing this book. I grabbed it at the library for my son and just hoped it was a good read. Since finding it in our library stash, he has been dying to read the book, but I’ve been keeping it close because I didn’t get a chance to check reviews on the book. I did a Google search for reviews on the book and when I saw your blog come up, I knew before clicking over that it must be a good book. I’ll let him start reading it tomorrow.

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