1. Good for you for taking the class — what will it be focusing on? Are you going for a degree, or just doing it for bookish fun?

    Looks to me like you’ve covered a lot of ground. Looking forward to what you have to say about Rascal!

    • Amy

      I haven’t registered for the class yet, but I’m planning to take a special topics class with a focus on British women mystery writers. Fun, huh ? I’m going to keep my teaching certification, but if I keep at it long enough, I’ll have another master’s (this one in English, of course).

  2. You’ve read so much! I read Ministry of Motherhood last month and was really encouraged by it as well. It made me really want to savor each moment with my kids – they really do fly by, don’t they? I enjoyed seeing your reading list!

  3. I hear you about sometimes needing the brain-rest of children’s literature and easy novels. I go through those phases myself.

    But as you said, for being so busy, you sure did get quite a bit read! That sounds like an interesting class–I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  4. I enjoyed Teri Maxwell’s book, ages ago. And her “Managers of Their Homes” has truly benefited my life for years now.

    I’d like to read more poetry…

    You have a great list.

  5. My son and I were just blown away by When You Reach Me, and I definitely agree that it merits a second (or more!) read.

    And, when he was younger, we read the entire Fairmount Ave series– some heavy stuff with de Paola’s signature heart.

    Happy reading!
    -Dawn, 5M4B

  6. Amy,

    In my opinion, the most comprehensive WDW guide is the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (Sehlinger and Testa). It includes detailed info on all the parks, resorts, dining, etc… It also includes invaluable park touring plans and tips. I highly recommend it.


  7. I’ve only recently read anything by Sally Clarkson as she guest-posted for a couple of blogs I read, but I liked a lot about her approach. Even though I’m nearing the end of active mothering since my youngest is 17, I’ve thought about reading one of her books just to be able to have a more modern one to recommend.

    I hope you do get back to In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham some time. I can understand this not being the time for it. I avoided it for a long time, even though I have read similar books — I just wasn’t ready for the intensity. But once I finally did, I got a lot from it.

    Wow, a graduate English class! That will be busy but hopefully fun as well.

  8. Sounds like you’ve read some great books! I haven’t read anything by Teri Maxwell but I’ve seen a few endorsements of her books. Looks like I should add her to my reading list!

    I hope you have a great month of May! Maybe you’ll find some reading time in the midst of everything else. 🙂


  9. I think you have made a LOT of progress! I have been reading so much fiction and really need to buckle down on some of the nonfiction in my pile. 🙂

  10. I see we have a good deal in common in our reading tastes. Since you’ve read and reviewed a number of Athol Dickson’s novels, I thought you would like to know he is re-releasing his collection of Christy Award nominated and winning novels under his own imprint. They all have new cover art and forwards along with some additional editing. They will be available the end of the summer in eBook and print. If you’re interested, check out http://www.AtholDickson.com.

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