1. I had my son do more reading aloud last year. We’ve gotten away from it this year although he will read to his siblings when asked.

    I’ve been wanting to try the Fairmont Ave. series. I saw it in the library and tried to get my son to read it but he wasn’t interested. This summer I’ve been thinking about doing some more assigned reading with him and this might go on the list.

    I wrote about three of our recent chapter book read-alouds, all historical fiction. http://supratentorial.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/read-aloud-thursday-from-egypt-to-england/

  2. Yesterday the boys started reading books from the Christian Heroes Series. Jonathan is reading Cameron Townsend and William is reading George Muller. They are still a bit daunted when the see a chapter book like that coming at them but after assuring them they don’t have to read them in one setting, they seem to enjoy what they are reading.

  3. Sounds like a very interesting and subtly informative book. I don’t know much about DePaola’s background but, for the most part, enjoy his stories. My favorite when I was little was “Charlie Needs A Cloak.”

    Today we featured a cute bedtime book, Good Night, Little Sea Otter by Janet Halfmann. Halfmann is a Wisconsin author, so I like to help bring attention to her work. After reading the book, we decided to extend our reading by learning more about Sea Otters. I never realized the species is threatened.

  4. This is one of his that I’ve not read! Usually I do the main reading aloud, but of late, when I need to nurse the baby, N1 has been known to take over the book while my hands are full and has done spledidly – even with our bigger chapter books. I need to make her read alout more and am working on a way to get her to read to the little girls (and boy) which I think will be taken better than just plain ole reading to Mama. : )

  5. Mary

    Yes, I think Mara would be a bit old for your girls. It is right at my almost 10 year old’s level, and there are some “relationship” issues that we are having to talk about as we read! I will look into the other myth book…thanks for the tip!

  6. Wow! We do a lot of reading aloud, too, but I don’t post about it very often. Perhaps that will change. Currently we’re reading The Burgess Bird Book, Little Women, and Eight Cousins. I need to add a history read aloud for my little girls, too.

    Annie Kate

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