1. I love these pictures and am totally envious of how far along Alabama is in the spring! We only have green on the willow trees, and the daffodils just came out this week.

    We’re going to make a field trip to visit a horse farm if the mud ever dries up around here. Thanks for reminding me of how much such a trip can spice up school.

  2. Thanks for the links, I’m already checking them out. Hey, remember the blog header we talked about. I remember talking about it and the quote and sadly, not much more. When you get a chance, shoot me an email so I can play with graphics! 🙂 Hope you are having a good week.

  3. Look at that sweet little sleepy man in that picture. Adorable. I want us to do some stuff like this soon – I need to get a little better carrier for my boy as he has about maxed out my wrap!

  4. So absolutely beautiful! And such a contrast to the devastation that the state endured just a few days afterwards. I’m so glad you shared the pictures from your outing here. True confessions: I have a hard time thinking of southern states as being beautiful. (Mostly I just think of them as HOT!) But you’re re-educating me!

    • Amy

      Carrie, NW AL is quite beautiful–very similar to southern middle TN. It’s somewhat hilly and has lots of creeks and streams. But you’re right–it is HOT in the summertime–and HUMID!

  5. Cynthia Robinson

    This is wonderful but I just found out that my family line showed Indians were born in Bull Skull Hollow in the early to middle 1800’s I don’t know what the Indian names are but the last name was McBride can anyone help me?

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