1. These all sound fantastic! I keep seeing Amos McGee everywhere so we need to get that soon out of the library. I think Shark vs. Train would be right up my boys’ alley. The humor sounds exactly like them. One of their favorite games in the car is actually “what destroys” where they will think of two things and then discuss which would win in a fight and why. 🙂 They also love anything with the cartoonish talking bubbles. They remind me constantly to “read that part too” when we encounter one of those books.

    Mine is on things that fly. http://supratentorial.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/read-aloud-thursday-things-that-fly/

  2. Amy

    Rocker Mom–I don’t think you will be disappointed by either story!

    Alice–You have singlehandedly confirmed my sexist statement. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Ha! You beat me to my post before I could even link up. : ) I had read The Saturdays before but N1 spotted it in WWE, too, and we decided to read it. They are such a tease with that book just giving you little snippets! : )

    This is a great post – we loved Bink & Gollie when we got it from the library, and I’ve had both Amos McGee and Shark v. Train on my to-read list. I’m glad I’m not the only mom that stumbles over cartoon bubbles. : )I blogged Interrupting Chicken a while back and we loved that one, too. And, I’ll have to check out that last one … I haven’t read a lot of historical fiction/picture books with the girls of late and we should try to rotate some of those in more.

  4. I’m glad your head is a little more above water.
    We’ve read and LOVE the Amos McGhee book (We checked it out from the library and it was re-read LOTS. It was still cute, after umpteen some readings.)
    My older two girls would love the Bink and Golly book, I think. I’ll put it on our library cue.
    I don’t think the Shark vs. Train will appeal to my girly girls, so we’ll skip that.
    I anxious to get my hands on Dave, the Potter.

    I don’t have anything up for this week’s read aloud, but we have a whole slew of Leo and Diane Dillon illustrated picture books that we’re working our way through, one of which I featured yesterday, another of which I’ll feature tomorrow.

  5. What a great, fun and interesting post!

    So sorry you guys have been sick. =( Sick babies, in particular, are absolutely no fun! Sounds like you are all on the mend? I hope so! Thankfully we’ve managed to avoid any particularly bad illnesses, although we’ve been taking turns nursing minor colds for about 3 weeks now! Looking forward to working this out of all of our systems.

    Anyway – books! =)

    A Sick Day for Amos McGee looks fantastic! I’ll definitely be looking for it. I also have Bookworm1 sitting here while I”m reading your post and he is declaring, “I wish we could get THAT one!” in reference to Shark vs. Train. I’m not at all convinced that either of my boys would get the humor, but being that Bookworm1 loves sharks and Bookworm2 loves trains . . . well. It’s almost kind of fitting. =) I’ll look for that one too.

  6. I adore Amos, as you well know! 🙂 Thanks for the link love. My daughter enjoyed Bink and Gollie so much when we had it out from the library, she requested her own copy for Christmas. I should have paired the gift with some socks! Indeed, Shark Vs. Train is a favorite of my son, and if I remember the book does feature two boys playing so I can see that perhaps it does appeal more to boys.

    We still need to read Dave the Potter. After reading your review, I’ll make an effort to find it at the library next time we visit.

  7. You know, I have A Sick Day for Amos McGee sitting on my shelf. I checked it out a week or two ago because it looked cute, but we haven’t read it yet. We definitely will after your review!

  8. Kyle loves the cartoon bubble back and forth books, but I know what you mean about them being hard to read aloud. I’ll take a “gentle” picture book any day — love that description.

    (by the way, from what I understand, Amazon is going to add back the “image only” option for associates)

  9. Our girl liked Shark Vs Train, but didn’t love it like the boys did. Her top pick for the Cybils shortlist was Amos McGee, which was universally liked by all. But all three males rated Shark v. Train tops.

    Chalk and Flora’s Very Windy Day were also contenders; I was surprised at how much the boys liked the story about the older sister and the baby brother. Just when I’m ready to put them in a frogs & snails pigeon-hole they surprise me with sensitivity and gentleness.

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