1. You’re doing lots of Cybils nominee reading!! I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on One Crazy Summer.

    I bought Unbroken for my dad for Christmas, hoping that I might just borrow it sometime. I don’t know if he’s read it yet. I’ll have to ask. (Just read your review — and yeah, you sold me!). Did you read Seabiscuit? I haven’t. I think I bought it cheap from a clearance rack, but never read it. In fact, I may have given that one to my dad too!!

    Had to laugh about you not being in the mood for “any of that business” now. I don’t know what it says about me, but sometimes I can take it, and sometimes it really bugs me.

  2. I hated Hitty when my mom made me read it (I think I must have been 12-13?) However, I recently went out and bought a copy because it’s a GIRL classic. (So how pathetic am I?) I’m wondering if I’ll like it, not being forced to read it. I did that a lot to my mom though. (Hello stubborn first born?) Force me to read it and I’m not likely to enjoy it. Give me the freedom to choose and I’d always find something to love. Hello human sin nature! Anyway – I’m going to give that one another go.

  3. Wow! Sounds like you’ve been reading all sorts of books.

    Thanks for the recommendation of Unbroken! It’s getting added to my to-read list.

    I hope you have a great reading month!

  4. I totally relate… to hopping around from book to book trying to find one that’ll hook me when I’m in an odd mood… to intending to review every book that I read only to end up abandoning said intention… to having occasional ho-hum periods in the Word where I’m worn out with my current system but not quite ready to completely derail it, lest I find myself with no system whatsoever–or worse yet, no Bible reading whatsoever.

    Good stories are not necessarily my forte (When reading fiction, I tend towards really fluffy Christian fiction or chick lit)–but I always enjoy reading your reviews to give me some suggestions to get me out of my comfort zone!

  5. I read the WEM a few years ago and have been slowly working my way through her fiction list. I tried taking notes and reading as she describes but for the most part I found that distracting and it kept me from reading. It was very helpful for some of the longer more complex books (Don Quixote) but I decided I’d rather read the books at this point in my life than worry about the note-taking. I figure if we keep homeschooling I’ll read (or at least discuss) many of them again with high schoolers. 🙂 The best thing it has done for me is to inspire me to read some of the classics I missed in school. I’m currently on War and Peace which is wonderful but has me a bit bogged down.

  6. I found myself not finishing a lot of books I started last fall – not sure why as that’s unusual for me, but I can relate! The Reluctant Dragon sounds like a great one to read with my son.

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