1. Great Egypt books! We enjoyed the Eve Bunting and King Tut ones last year but I didn’t know the others. I’m going to have to write down the Egyptian Diary for the next time we study Ancients (or maybe before :)). I’ve also found the false god thing to be fine for my kids. Even at a young age they easily understand that this is interesting but not what we believe. I’ve actually found that studying other religions and mythologies has given us a lot more opportunities to discuss our own beliefs, and in a way that is probably deeper and more thoughtful than we might otherwise. When we studied Egypt we talked a lot about how their concept of being judged after death and being weighed solely on their own actions vs. our knowledge of grace and how Christ’s death will cover us at the time of judgment.

    We’ve been reading about the presidents this week. http://supratentorial.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/read-aloud-thursday-presidents-day/

  2. Here’s my 3-year-old’s new favorite read-aloud:

    My daughter and I enjoyed Richard Platt’s Castle Diary when we were studying the Middle Ages. There was a bit of “bathroom humor” you might want to edit, as I recall. I recommend the now out-of-print color version if you can find it at the library or for a reasonable price – the new version is much smaller and black-and-white.

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