1. Wow, Amy, I just got through reading about the author via your link. That’s another amazing story. I am inspired and shamed somewhat by the stories of both Ms. Hillenbrand and Mr. Zamperini. If they can overcome such horrific obstacles, by the grace of God, surely I cando better than I do in so many areas.

  2. Kay Guest

    Thank you for such a positive review. I read the book that Louis Zamperini had written (co-authored by David Rensin) called DEVIL AT MY HEELS in 2004. I was so amazed and moved by Mr. Zamperini’s story that I used it in my Sunday School class as a lesson on forgiveness.
    Like Laura Hillenbrand, it is hard to describe how you feel after reading Louie’s story…you feel proud to be an American and also you feel as if you are one of Louie’s best friends! (Maybe his mother said it best…”I never met anybody who didn’t love Louie”.) Please read his story and find out about what Louie endured…and also about his lovely wife and terrific family and great friends. I feel as if I know them all… Laura Hillenbrand goes into much greater detail in her book and I am very grateful that she found his story to be as interesting as I do.
    Kay Guest

  3. Amy


    I saw that book mentioned on another site (maybe Tim Challies’?), but I have never had an opportunity to read it. I shall seek it out! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Amy, I remember reading this review on February 17th. I remember where I was sitting at my son’s kitchen table. I had already read Janet’s review and the book was on my wish list at Paperbackswap…I think I was 137 in line.

    This review convinced me to buy the book instead of waiting three years to have someone send it to me. I ordered it and soon I arrived at my house. Then it was a goldmine, a delectable treat sitting on my shelf. I savored the anticipation, promised myself a weekend to immerse myself in its pages. At last that weekend came; my husband fell asleep waiting for me to stop reading and come to bed. Trips in the loo were extended. Leftovers for dinner.

    But it was worth it. It took me a week to mull it over, to review favorite scenes in my head, to seep in its goodness before I wrote a review.

    But I have Janet and you to thank for prompting me to read it. Thank you.

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