1. I love Sabuda. Unfortunately, with a three year old in the house, pop-up books don’t last long.

    Check out my post about Tim to the Rescue by Edward Ardizzone, just one title in a series of picture books about a little boy named Tim and his many adventures aboard various sea vessels. Lovely stuff.

    I also included a link for a post I did inspired by a discussion that took place here in the RAT comments. This post is all about how we do read alouds in our home, how it is possible to read ten or so books at a time and the benefits of such a schedule.

  2. What a neat selection. I got engaged on Valentine’s Day, but I don’t think I own a single Valentine children’s book. Maybe it’s time for a library trip.

    We did get ‘Love Is’ out of the library awhile back. I liked the idea a lot, but I can’t say as that particular working-out of it really wowed us. Your review makes me think I should give it another chance!

  3. Oh. That reminds me. I checked out some V-Day books from the library and then PROMPTLY forgot about them. ANd they are likely due back soon. Whoops!

    That Love Is… book sounds beautiful and wonderful. I’ll be looking for it!

    In the meantime, this week we’re talking about a mini-chapter book – The Littles Take a Trip. Here’s the link:


    Thanks, as always, for hosting!

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