1. Hmm. The title is familiar — I must’ve seen it around — but I didn’t know what the story was about. Yes, it does sound like a big subject. I’m glad to get your take on it.

    I like the author’s explanation of why she left Betty’s country a mystery.

  2. This sounds like an intriguing read. I particularly like how Railsback shows Betti’s perception of conversations. We tend to forget that others approach life from a different paradigm.

  3. I loved this one, too. I would have thought that young readers would stray away from the storyline, but my daughter usually shies away from sad or serious books, and she really loved it. She’s older (12), but I don’t think that matters in this case. I was glad she was willing to read it and hope others will pick it up too.

  4. I reviewed this for 5M4B when it came out and I adored it. My ten year old son read it after me, and he spoke very highly of it as well.

    I absolutely loved and respected Railsback’s note at the end of the book about the ‘unnamed’ country, and I think it made it interesting to me to think about Betti being from a wide variety of different places.

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