1. I do have certain books that I am purposefully not reading aloud to the kids. I think some things are better discovered on your own, it’s part of the magic. My oldest recently read the first three Harry Potter books and loved them. It was fun to see him discover them for himself. Part of me misses the joy of sharing the reading aloud experience, but I figure we can still share the love of the book, it’s just a different kind of sharing. And one day hopefully it will come full circle and they will discover books new to me and introduce them to me.

    I also went on a literature inspired honeymoon. We went to Cornwall. I’d always wanted to go there after reading The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper (one of the ones I won’t read aloud to the boys). I too have a very patient husband. 🙂

    We haven’t been to PEI yet, but now that I have a daughter it’s one thing I look forward to doing with her one day.

    • Amy

      I agree, Alice, about the discovering for oneself.

      I’ve never read Dark Is Rising. I should add it to my TBR list! A honeymoon in Cornwall sounds wonderful!

  2. That teapot is so sweet! I don’t enjoy traveling, but PEI is one place I might be tempted to go. I’ll have to come back and look at your post about your trip there some time.

    Like you, though I loved the Anne books, there are so many I doubt I’d ever get back to them, but this challenge has provided a nice way to get to a few at a time. I’m looking forward to getting to some of her other books in the future, too.

  3. I love the teapot. Love, love, love it. : )

    I have wondered the same thing about reading Anne aloud. And, especially after revisiting Emily (which I need to blog), I’ve decided that she for sure is for an older girl. I think I may (one of these days) read Jane of Lantern Hill aloud to the girls. It’s one (if not my favorite) of LMM’s books aside from Anne and because it’s a short stand-alone I think it would be great for read-aloud.

  4. Great post.. I thought you were going to say that you live in the snowy Philadelphia. Oh well.

    I also wonder about what should be introduced. I look forward to M exploring our bookshelves and hopefully asking for recommendations. For now, I get to recommend and guide. As appropriate. Anne…not so much…but I did read Lucy Maud and the Cavendish Cat to her!

  5. haha! =D You can stay in the club. LOVE your teapot. (Am getting around to reading everyone’s posts just now.) I love reading about your memories relating to Anne – particularly reading your favorite part of Rilla aloud to your friends. I remember swooning over that book when I was a teen.

    Thanks for playing along, reading, and for sharing your thoughts!

  6. I wonder if any of your friends remember you reading the book to them. 🙂 I don’t specifically remember reading books aloud to my family and friends but I probably did to my mom.

    My 7 year old boy fell in love with reading last year. My husband read the Chronicles of Narnia aloud to him and he adored them. Last fall he mentioned that he wanted to buy the whole set for himself because he was wearing out our other set. When we found all but 2 of them at a used book sale for only a $.25 each I willingly dropped them in our bag. Now we just need to find those missing two!

  7. I love the teapot, and I’m jealous you’ve been to PEI! I felt kind of like a traitor when I gave a semi-negative review of Further Chronicles this time around, so I understand…I think you’re safely still in the LMM fan club though! 🙂 I have all those you’ve reviewed on my shelf but have yet to read any of them. I’m adding them to my list for next year’s challenge!

  8. Ok so I’m really late to this, but I came here from your review of the Bess Crawford book. And I TOTALLY know which part and I LOVE Rilla! I grew up in Canada, reading LMM’s more obscure works which were readily available in that time and place. I’ve been dying to visit PEI since I was about 10 or 11, but have yet to make it.

    I also totally agree that some books are best discovered in solitude. I tried reading “Anne” to Ilsa when she was about 8, and it was too soon, and she just thought Anne talked far too much! I got wiser after that, and left her alone to discover the Emily books when she was about 11, and that was perfect. From there, she’s gone on to Anne and Pat and Marigold and all the rest.

    elizabeth from 5MFB

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