1. I’m glad you read and reviewed this one in particular because it’s been SO LONG since I’ve read it that I’ve forgot it in its entirety. I’m in the middle of Vol. II of Montgomery’s journals and it’s very enlightening in terms of her faith. I think I’m noticing that more and more in the books I read.

    And I do agree with you – Montgomery had a writing formula that worked for her. It makes her books enjoyable and fun, and it also makes them incredibly predictable. (Hence, The Blythes are Quoted is no great disappointment or horrifying read.) It’s just Montgomery. You know what’s going to happen.

    But, as you say, there are frequent gems of characters mixed in to the stories which make them particularly interesting in some form or fashion.

    At any rate, loved reading your thoughts on this one. Thanks for playing along! =)

  2. Amy


    I’d really like to go back and re-read the journals sometime. I have one of them, which I used in a paper I wrote about Montgomery waaaaay back in undergraduate school. I’m afraid my reading interests don’t tend much towards nonfiction these days, though.

  3. Wow – I haven’t thought about this book in years! It was one of my favorites growing up (I’d read and reread it when I visited my grandparents, where my aunt’s childhood book collection lived). Maybe it’s time to go back and read it as an adult.

    Thanks for the memory!

  4. This is one my library doesn’t have–which means I haven’t read it. And I’m not sure if I will. While I have enjoyed most of the Montgomery books that I have read, I’m not so ecstatic over any but Anne that I’m willing to re-read them too many times. You are right, though, about Montgomery having a formula.

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