1. Love the snow books. We read Katy and the Big Snow last week and had lots of snow fun. A different book we picked up this year is Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sans. The illustrations are all photographs and show a bunch of animals curious over a stranger who has appeared in their woods. In the end, the stranger is revealed to be a snowman. Very cute and the photos are unusual for a children’s book.

    This is my post for the week:

  2. I loved the picture of the snowmen. Our family loves to play outside in the winter time. Our yard doesn’t have enough room to sled, but we live right next to a park which has a perfect slope. The book ideas are great. I never thought to read books about snow!

  3. Did you know your Katy and the Big Snow post on your old blogging platform came up 2nd in a google search I did for “katy and the big snow activities?” I am reworking some unit studies I did when my children were small into blog posts, and was looking for a link I could insert to direct my readers to more ideas for using the book. I was excited to find your post, since I am also a TOS Crewmate. Look for my post Winter Unit Study Day 12 on http://homeschoolblogger.com/amnbooks. And by the way, I linked to your long post on Katy, as well as to your home page on your new platform.


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