1. Beautiful! We took Monday off but were back to work yesterday even though I bet the schools here will be out most of this week. We were given two pairs of tiny ski pants just a few weeks ago from a family in our church that has family up North and I seriously wondered why I hung on to them – for this week, of course! : )

  2. I simply cannot believe how much snow you all are getting down south!

    It snowed for over two hours here yesterday – hard! But absolutely nothing stuck. It’s hovering right at 30 degrees so we have a *little* ice and a *little* snow but rather nothing worth mentioning. I rather wish it would make up its mind! But now we’re back to rain so . . .

    Enjoy your unique snow days!

  3. Look at your snow! Just in time for some winter nature study and I know you are right about your children not forgetting these special snow days. My kids love snow days (we get a couple a year) and each time they act like it is the first time they have seen snow. 🙂

    Lovely tree photos and I am so glad you had some sort of gloves for the kids. It is much more fun to play if you are not freezing!

    Thanks for sharing your link with the OHC.

  4. Laughing at your “snow boots!” I don’t think those would make the cut at our school…all kids are required to own a pair of snow boots. Those that forget to bring theirs pair must play on the sidewalk. 🙂

    So glad to hear that your kids have the opportunity to play in the snow! Awesome. You are right. Those of us that spend most of the winter looking out over a snow covered landscape take it for granted. It’s been so cold here though that my kids haven’t had much of an opportunity to play much outside.

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