1. Might have to put this one on my list… It’s a subject that’s been on my mind.

    This Christmas, our church teamed up with two others to participate in Advent Conspiracy, reducing our spending on Christmas gifts and doing instead a joint offering for Living Water International. We ended up with total giving of $12,500 — enough to dig a well for a village in Uganda, plus one in Haiti. It was sooo meaningful to take part!

  2. Amy

    Janet, I think you’ll be glad you read this book (and perhaps shared it with Older Daughter).

    I love that your church partnered with others and raised that much money for such a worthy cause! What a blessing you were and what a blessing I’m sure you received!

  3. Amy, I cannot waste water without feeling guilty. I use my ‘leftovers’ to water my houseplants. I haven’t killed quite as many plants since I’ve started doing this!

    • Amy

      This is a middle grade novel, and it’s short enough and uncomplicated enough that young middle graders could handle it. Linda Sue Park’s A Single Shard won a Newbery back several years ago.

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