1. We searched high and low for the L’Engle book at our library. The card catalog says they have it, but no one can find it. So, alas.

    Have a good break and a blessed Christmas!

  2. Oo yay! I haven’t read any of these and am starting to think about collecting for next year so I’m glad you mentioned them.

    And I’m going on a bloggy break after next week as well. It just seems the time and I’m going to take it easier through the new year. Just relax and enjoy the holidays without thinking about blog. =D It ’tis a busy season, after all!

  3. I have that L’Engle book in my library basket and can’t wait to read it. : ) I had high hopes of a R.A.Th. post today, but there hasn’t been any time – we finally finished Tumtum & Nutmeg this week and it was SO good. We’ve started the Best Christmas Pagent Ever and it looks to be fun (and quick!)

    I know what you mean about it being busy and crazy and time for a blog break. We’ve had an evening activity or errand every day this week, with one more tomorrow and a Saturday morning Christmas play practice. Whew. I am truly loving this December, but I am also very excited for January. *wink* : )

  4. Okay, I’m back here on Saturday morning just in case you couldn’t resist posting a few reactions to the movie last night… 🙂

    We have our tickets for this afternoon.

  5. Amy

    Sigh. Our plans to go have thus far fallen through due to our babysitters (grandmas) having holiday events to attend. I’ll have to wait and read your review, Janet!

  6. Oh… bummer!

    We did make it to the theatre yesterday. I’ll try and avoid spoilers… And I’ll look forward to hearing what you think when you do see it.

  7. Ashlie

    I checked two library systems for the The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas and neither had it! We have Christmas Day in the Morning checked out now, and it’s a lovely book.

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