1. I am also doing this…but will put ours in tissue paper in a box. Thanks for a grand idea! I linked to you today.

    I had no idea there was a Jesse Tree book. Awesome! Thanks! Hopefully we buy it for next year!

  2. This is our first year to wrap books and I’m excited to see the girls’ reaction to it when they get up this morning. : ) And, we’re planning to read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever as soon as we wrap up our Tumtum & Nutmeg book. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve read that one.

  3. Ours are ready and in a basket as well! We’re going to do that every morning when daddy leaves for work. I think it’s very neat that your girls are more excited about this year than last. I think the same will be true for us once they realize what’s coming! I’m so glad you shared this idea. I’m very much looking forward to kicking things off later this morning!

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