1. Great review! This is one of those books that taps into my desire to be able to give the kids a fuller experience than our suburban life can provide. (I seem to be mentioning this a lot lately…)

    I’m curious about the L’Engle book in your sidebar. Never heard of it — but I just checked, and there are some copies at our library. May have to make a library run today!

    (Our advent read-aloud this year is Tabitha’s Travels. So far so good.)

  2. I had to go and read what I said originally. =D I have a mental impression but had forgotten the particulars. (Hence the beauty of keeping and maintaining a blog! Helps a mommy out!)

    And ah yes. I did have some very strong impressions of it. I wonder if my opinion of it would change now that I know we’re having a girl and I’m on the lookout for GIRL literature. I think probably not but as Janet said – she had the added benefit of her daughter’s reactions which helped some so maybe that would factor in?

    At any rate, I liked reading through your thoughts on this one!

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