1. I’m definitely interested in the Story of the World and I think we are VERY close to being able to use it. Going off to check into it right now (before I forget) because Bookworm1 is paying more attention to different countries, etc., and I think that’s an awesome way to study geography.

  2. Amy

    What you linked to is a resource for Story of the World. Here’s a link to the actual “textbook”from Peace Hill Press, publisher of all things SOTW—> http://www.welltrainedmind.com/store/history-and-geography/story-of-the-world.html

    It’s also available on Amazon, and you can access a link in this post of mine—> https://hopeisthewordblog.com/2010/08/05/first-grade-and-k-4-the-curricula/

    It’s not really a geography curriculum, but rather, a history curriculum.

  3. We did this chapter this week too, and these stories are familiar. I’ll be ready to move on from Anansi myself… We found a video at the library of several of Eric Kimmel’s Anansi stories, and the girls enjoyed them too.

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