1. This sounds like an ambitious read. Isn’t it interesting how our children aren’t turned off/threatened by something they may not entirely “get?” I hope they hold onto that openness!

  2. I’ve never read any of Eleanor Estes books, but after reading your reviews, we may just pick one up sometime. My daughter would like that this one has a kitty in it. Would you recommend reading Ginger Pye first?

  3. Amy


    I think it would help to read Ginger Pye first because you would meet the characters, etc., and there are a few references in Pinky Pye to what happened before. However, Pinky Pye could certainly stand alone and suffer few ill effects, I think.

  4. I tried to get some of my struggling middle school readers into Ginger Pye and Pinky Pye because the text was manageable and they are truly attention-holders as you mentioned. B has been very interested in knights and princes lately, so we picked up Tommie DePaola’s book The Knight and the Dragon, which features as much or more illlustration than text, which is really allowing B to explore the character and define it on his own.

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