1. Looks like you have a good year ahead, Amy!

    We’ve found SOTW doesn’t take any planning. Just read, narrate and do the map. You can cut out the cards in the back and make a timeline (ours for moderns goes down the stairs and back up the other side…) I haven’t done many of the activities, but they’re all laid out in the activity guide if you need them. Mainly we used the AG for the timeline, maps, and reading lists.

    The one activity that was the biggest hit was the mock archaeological dig in the back yard. I’m convinced that’s what won the girls over to the study of history… They STILL talk about it.

    We didn’t use any formal writing till 3rd grade and picked up then with writing w/ease level 3. I’ll be curious to hear how it goes.

    108! Yikes. You must be feeling like princesses in the tower, stuck inside.

    We have that same receiving blanket! 🙂

  2. Your plan looks good to me. ; ) We’re doing 1st Lang Lessons & Writing w/ Ease too and (at least after this week), I’ve liked how they seem to working together. N1 is not very strong on narration at all and I love the emphasis on it in these books. And your Louise sounds JUST like N2! As soon as I sit down w/ N1 to work on school she pulls out her books and wants me to help her. I’m not sure how good I will be at juggling this this year. : )

    Oh, and totally thought of you yesterday … Not that I have loved the obsession that my girls have with listening to the first three books of the Chronicles of Narnia over and over (and over and over!) in the car, but I broke down yesterday and bought the audio CDs for the first two Little House books. : ) They had them on sale (and unabridged) for $10 each on Amazon and I needed the relief. Haha. : )

  3. PS. You’ll have to tell me what you think of that planner – I’ve eyed it several times, but the homemade system I’ve rigged is working well, so I hate to rock the boat. : )

  4. Aww…love the picture of DLM.

    How cool that you and Steady Eddie take the time together to plan out the year!

    We have a copy of Leading Little Ones to God that belonged to my husband’s family and was used on all of his siblings which we plan to use in the future too. But I haven’t looked into it much yet.

    Love the hand written note! That is SO awesome!

  5. Do you have both the workbook and instructor’s text for WWE? I’m trying to decide if both would be helpful or even if it’s really necessary to add WWE to FLL for first grade? It doesn’t look like the time involved with either one will be too overwhelming, but I don’t want to burn out (teacher or student) either. Any thoughts?

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