1. Great idea for a challenge. I’m tempted… I do love that book and movie! But I have no less than four thick books checked out of the library that I’m feeling pressured to read before they’re due… Decisions, decisions!

  2. I too am tempted by the TKM challenge, but I seem to be over-subscribed in the challege area lately, so I’m afraid I’ll have to pass…I hear you about doing things that you will do again hours later…I think that just comes with the homemaker thing…at least that’s what I try and tell myself:)

  3. That’s awesome about keeping up with that Bible challenge/plan!

    If you’d like to do a guest post for Books on Screen about TKAM you could also publicize the challenge/read-along (or maybe if someone else had said that they did or want to watch the movie). Let me know. I could post it as early as next week.

  4. I know what you mean about liking to see at least something in which you’re making progress. My problem with letting books be that something is that I rarely feel the progress in view of the unending march of new books to be read! Nevertheless, you have shown fantastic ability to read amidst the household chaos a new baby always creates.

  5. I always think about what I am going to read and then the mood is different and I end up reading something else too.
    I may read KMB with you, we shall see.

  6. I didn’t list books I planned to read in August, only some that are on my shelf…You certainly read a lot…Forget housework…you are leaving a legacy with your children which will result in the love of reading…So important…the housework will be there when they are grown and on their on.

  7. We loved Peter Pan when we read it not that long ago. And we are engrossed in the Narnia series at the moment.

    I read the Hobbit in high school and I did not enjoy it at all. I hope you have a better experience with it.

  8. I am TOTALLY down with a TKAM challenge. My daughter is reading it for summer reading and I would love to take your challenge and have – yet another – reason to discuss it with her.

  9. I’m just getting back in to the book blogging universe after a 4 month break so I missed your previous mentions of the TKM challenge. I picked up the audio last week from my local library. I have not started it yet so I will wait until August! =)

    I have read the book about 6 times and watched the movie 2x. This will be the first time on audio for me.

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