1. That looks like a very fun book! And definitely one for that “in between stage” – young enough to like the old rhymes etc and old enough to find it funny when it is cut short/ altered

    And, yes, I can relate too….

    PS thanks again for fabulous linky!

  2. That sounds hilarious. I wish my library had it. : ) We are set to (hopefully) finish The Silver Chair today … I don’t know why this one has seemed to drag on way longer that the other Narnia books we’ve read, but it has. (Summer maybe?) I think N1 and I have both voted to try out The Boxcar Children next for a change and I also have book that the Nanny McPhee movies are based on sitting on my desk that I think would be super fun to read. So many options!

  3. We have some sickness in our house, which prevented me from participating yesterday.

    I did however make it to the library so I’ll be back for sure next week.

    In the meantime, I totally hear what you are saying about picture books that are almost more enjoyable for parents. I found one of those in my library bag this week and it made me laugh! This book you’ve highlighted here sounds awfully cute.

    Hopefully, as Stephanie said, things will settle down for you here very soon!

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