1. Good for you! : ) I thought about trying the 90 days but I decided to do it over the course of 2010. I may try the 90 days after I get through it once in a year … we’ll see. Of course, by then I will have the newborn so who knows. : )

  2. Amy – I’m so excited to read that you are participating!! I am adding you to my list of those reading this time around and I WILL pray for you by name through your journey!! I am praying specifically that you won’t get caught up in dates and times and harbor any feelings of guilt. ANY time you spend in His Word is awesome! 🙂 I pray that He will show you new things about Himself, draw you to Himself and allow you to feel His presence in new ways through this time with Him and His Word.

  3. I’m thinking a participating in one of those 90 challenges but think I’ll wait until winter when things are a little quieter and the kids go to bed at an earlier hour.

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