1. He really is such a wonderful writer. Tolkien is one of my favorite authors. I think you’re right about Gollum being scarier than Smaug. I think it is also because Gollum is a bit too much like us where Smaug is wholly other.

  2. This was one I tried a few times before it won me over, and I too was past the age it’s supposedly aimed at. It was when my eldest was nursing, and I read through this and then the whole LOTR trilogy. Wonderful books!

  3. We listened to an audio version of The Hobbit, on a road trip, a couple of summers ago. I think maybe it’s time to pull out the book, for a family read aloud. Bilbo is such a fun character.

  4. This review was SO FUN! It’s been years since I”ve read the LOTR series. This series – and Narnia too, btw, I only read after I married Jonathan. His 8 year old sister was reading them at the time and there was NO WAY I was going to let an 8 year old outread me! So I consumed both series and absolutely fell in love. However, obviously, I prefer one over the other. Neverthless, I think Tolkien is brilliant and you’ve made me want to go back and read these and dig a little deeper.

    Fun stuff!

  5. I do wish I could read THe Hobbit and Lord of the Rings again for the first time. There’s nothing like the first time. LOTR is much more serious and grown-up and longer, but Tolkien’s playfulness and humor that you mentioned here still shines through.

    Don’t get in a hurry, but rather stroll your way through LOTR, and I think you’ll enjoy the books very much. Oh, and you’ll get to know Gollum quite a bit better.

  6. I’m so glad you liked it! I would love to reread it some time. So much to delight it! Thanks for the snippets from the book.

    I was trying to finish Emma for the bookclub, but it didn’t happen. Next time!

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