1. I agree with your response to this one. I did really like The Remains of the Day though. I think I’ve read 3 Ishiguro novels, and even though I see the quality of all of them, Remains of the Day is the only one I can say I really loved.

    $5 for inter-library loan? That’s criminal! I’ll stop feeling irritated about the $.25 my library charges…

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t like the book – I feel responsible since I recommended it! The real strength of the novel is the author’s willingness to see the humanity of people bred solely for harvesting organs, even when the society as a whole in the book did not see them as human, just as commodities. I think he showed the characters growing more and more detached from meaning (meaningless view of s** as you mentioned etc) and isolated as they realize more and more that they were bred to harvest organs, and will never be allowed to have real lives. I thought it was terribly sad.

    The reason I felt the book was important is that our culture is growing so detached from the concept of life, and I think that the acceptance of abortion, aborting babies who might have Downs Syndrome, having children to get organs for older sick children in the family, thinking of older people and disabled people as useless, using embryonic stem cells instead of adult stem cells, etc, is a slippery slope that could well lead to the scenario posited in the book – entire groups of people cloned for the purpose of taking their organs for others until the donors die. I think our society sometimes needs to be jolted from their comfort zones to really consider what it means to be human, because we are losing sight of that.

    It’s a disturbing book, but I still think it’s an important one. I’m sorry if I billed it incorrectly in my review!

  3. Amy

    Oh, Catherine, I totally agree with you about the message of the book, and I see its value. I should’ve clarified that in my review. I just didn’t enjoy the book too much. It was more the style of the book than anything, I think. Your review certainly didn’t mislead me–to each her own! 🙂 I would read another title recommended by you today, for that matter! 🙂

  4. It does sound weird. And I can’t think that I would enjoy it very much so I’ll take a pass. That said, I really did enjoy hearing your thoughts on it. Fascinating post and sometimes its really fun to hear about the books we didn’t like so very much.

    Remains of the Day. I’m thinking I DID see it years ago. I’m trying to think if that was the one.

    Anyway, fun post!

  5. Thanks for pointing me back to this review! I had wondered whether I’d like another of his books after finishing Remains of the Day. I’m not real big on dystopian lit. and though I can appreciate what Catherine said about the subject matter – this still doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. I did like Remains of the Day so much, though, that I’d like to read him again sometime.

    Parts of the book did remind me of Downton Abbey – Stevens is a lot like Carson except less brusque and more buttoned up.

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