1. maggy, red ted art

    Hi, I submitted two linkys – as do a book review on Mondays and a Book & Craft project on Wednesdays that people may like. By coincidence, the books overlap this week, but not usually! Do delete one if you prefer!!!!

    Love being able to link up!

    Thank you!!!


  2. Angie

    My girls’ favorite Lucado book is The Way Home. They don’t get the symbolism yet in the story; they just love that it’s a princess story and the good guys win. However, it grips my heart every time I read it to think of God’s love for us that is undeserved.

    I hope your next post reports that DLM has arrived!

  3. We are going through Henry and Mudge series now, but Anna wasn’t terribly interested in them. Perhaps I’ll see if Mr Putter generates more enthusiasm. And I haven’t seen this book from Joan Sweeney before – we do adore her Me on the Map and Me in Space.

  4. My daughter made her own alphabet height measuring tool using the magnetic letters from our refrigerator. There isn’t any rhyme or reason to the letter placement, but it is fun to stand next to it and see what letter is your measurement. I think I am “e” tall. We need to try some Lucado books. I haven’t read any yet but have seen so many positive reviews. Wonder if they have any at the library.

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